Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The War on Women

U.S. Catholic Bishops Major Force Behind War on Women; February 23, 2011

"The collusion of House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) and the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops has led to an open declaration of war on the women of this country. The bishops have long sought to enshrine into law those policies of the Catholic Church that subordinate women. And they don't care how badly women get hurt in the process. In the last election, the bishops helped to elect legislators that would do their bidding, which includes enacting dangerous and discriminatory bills denying women safe, accessible and affordable abortion care and family planning, even encouraging hospitals to let women die in the name of 'life.'. . .stunningly dangerous efforts that, if enacted, can and will result in the preventable deaths of women:
  • HR 358, which many are calling the 'Let the Women Die Act' --gives our government's 'blessing' to any E.R. that would let a pregnant woman die rather than perform an abortion procedure that could save her life. 
  • HR 3, AKA 'Stupak on Steroids,' would enshrine the Hyde Amendment into law and expand it to impose tax penalties on millions of families and businesses whose private insurance covers abortion care, --Catholic bishops proudly support revoking abortion rights even in cases of rape. . 
  • HR 217, which NOW has dubbed the 'Public Health Nightmare Act,' would permanently eliminate Title X family planning services, leaving millions of women and men stranded without essential services like birth control and screenings for cancer, HIV/AIDS and STDs.

Pro-life? Hardly. Not only are these assaults on women's rights at odds with generally accepted medical practice and flatly unethical, there is little doubt that they will kill women. . .

Statement of NOW President Terry O'Neill

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