Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Phil Gingrey asks how ACA helps me. Here is how.

Congressman Phil Gingrey.  1/18/2011 Dear Dr. Gingrey, you said in your unsolicited spam e-mail, "Please let me know how this law’s new spending, taxes, and mandates will affect you."  Here is how it affects me: For the first time ever I can rest assured that my health will not worsen or that I will die simply because I am uninsured. As a health care provider who has tried for years to care for the uninsured, I am thrilled that someone courageous FINALLY did something about the egregious problems in our health care industry.  That is how the ACA affects me.

If you, as you say, "remain committed to repealing this law" I remain committed to doing all I can to keep the public informed of your actions **as a physician** that will worsen the health care for our most fragile citizens.

Marilyn Ringstaff

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