Friday, March 19, 2010

Women need health care RIGHT NOW!

I had a woman walk into the clinic a few minutes ago who has not had a Pap smear in > 5 years because of no insurance. Her daughter is insulin dependent diabetic- out of insulin and DFCS told her that she-the18 year old-does not qualify for Medicaid, the Free Clinic has no appointments available for 2-3 months, the County clinic is 'reviewing' her application, it may be > 2 months until she can be see there. I showed her Rep. Gingrey's article, i.e. that she could get her health care at a crisis pregnancy center. It is good sometimes to see the light dawn in someone's eyes. . . women wake up! Call Rep. Gingrey's offic and tell him that you need health care today! Please call Rep. Gingrey's office at (202) 225-2931 right now!!

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