Thursday, March 11, 2010

Excerpts from Bill Gates; I'll expound later

Before the Committee on Foreign Relations; United States Senate (3/10/10).
Excerpts from Bill Gates: Another powerful and cost-effective intervention that could have a dramatic effect on everything from maternal and child health to HIV prevention is providing access to voluntary family planning. An estimated 215 million women would like to determine the number and spacing of their children but lack sufficient access to family planning.

I do know that when programs are coordinated, held accountable, and designed based on evidence, they will work better. The budget scrutiny that has come with this economic downturn can and should be used to force a new fiscal vigilance that is more creative and more constructive than simply cutting spending. We have to demand smarter spending. If a more equitable world is worth fighting for – and I believe that it is – we have to make sure we are getting as much as we can for every dollar.

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