Monday, November 15, 2010

I wish I had time to write down all of the problems I am seeing

I wish I had time to write down all of the problems I am seeing. Just this weekend I posted these two problems on our Facebook:

"I just had a woman call who said she hasn't had a Pap smear in several years, she has gone into the building at the Floyd Co. Health Dept. on five occasions this year, every time they told her to come back next month." (This Health Dep't will only make appointments the first of the month--no walk-ins for anything or any appointments made at any other time).

Another unemployed woman came in today who is having bleeding problems and has not had a Pap smear in SIXTEEN YEARS. She called the Chattooga County Health Dept' and told them this, but they would not see her until she paid $111.00." (She told this Health Dept. that she was having these problems, she had no income and could pay them nothing-they still refused her an appointment).

In other news, 11/20/10 today a young woman made an appointment to have her Implanon removed. Public Health, who placed the device for her, won’t take it out and the gynecologist’s office she called requires $450.00 up front to remove it.

11/18/10 A Cartersville woman called, she was seen by a gyn at the health dep’t. She is having severe pain and the gyn told her that she likely has cancer of the vulva. But she can’t get a biopsy until January 31, 2011. (the gyn later agreed to work her in.).

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