Sunday, December 6, 2009

Georgia women reduced to diapers because they can't afford health care

Today I gave a woman a pack of newborn diapers to use for Kotex until she can afford to be worked up for her heavy menstrual bleeding. She called after her sister found us on the internet. She has had heavy vaginal bleeding over the last 3 months and can no longer afford to buy Kotex. She is unemployed and uninsured. The uninsured part came first she says. All women can empathize with the fear and embarrassment of staining clothing because of menstrual bleeding. This woman was afraid to sit on our chairs because she was ‘flooding’ and had been for three weeks. The last time she had a serious medical problem, she went to Floyd Medical Center’s E.R. FMC tried to garnish her wages when she couldn’t pay and she is still getting letters from creditors. She applied for the Indigent Care Trust fund at the time, but she was denied and was not told that she could appeal the decision. Now, two years later, she won’t go to the E.R.: even when she clearly needs to. She called the FCHD-they never told her that there is a gyn/doctor’s clinic where she can be seen, no one has ever told her about the County Clinic or the Free Clinic or any other resource. How many Floyd County women do we have out there wearing diapers for Kotex because our health care system has so totally and completely failed them?

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