Wednesday, November 4, 2009

I made the Call!

It’s time for YOU to the make the call.

Today, women across America are shaking things up and making sure their voices ring throughout the halls of the Capitol, as part of the National Women’s Day of Action for Health Care Reform.

* No longer will we accept being charged more than men for the same health coverage.
* No longer will we allow sexual assault and domestic violence survivors to be denied coverage.
* No longer will we accept skimpy health coverage that doesn’t meet our needs.
* No longer will we accept unaffordable health care.

What you do today could mean the difference between keeping a broken health system that treats women like a pre-existing condition, and health care reform that will mean affordable, accessible, and comprehensive health care for all.
We’ve made it easier than ever to call your Members of Congress. Simply click through to our easy-to-follow phone script and get automatically connected to your Representative’s office.

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