Thursday, October 29, 2009

Creating a lifelong continuum of care for women

The pending reform of the American health care system will - for the first time ever - create a seamless, lifelong continuum of care for women, for whom the status quo health care system has been an abject failure. For the first time, women will be able to participate in a health care system in which: • They won’t be charged more because of their gender; • Maternity and reproductive health will be part of a basic care package; • An affordability provision will subsidize those who can’t afford insurance; • The system will put a cap on out-of-pocket costs so families don’t go broke; • No American can be denied health coverage because of a pre-existing medical condition, including breast cancer, pregnancy or evidence of “uninsurability” such as being a victim of domestic violence; and key preventative tests, like mammograms and pap smears, will be included in basic care.

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