Saturday, September 26, 2009

Because I am a Girl

"Because I am a Girl," a new report released by Plan International Australia, says that
educating and investing in girls is one of the best ways to end global poverty.
The report, released on September 22, found that women reinvest up to 90 percent
of their income into their family and children, compared the 30 or 40 percent that
men would reinvest, 9/26/09


Amarinthia said...

Time and time again this has proven true. I wish that our own country/government would practice this advice as well...for it's not just women in third world countries that would benefit from prioritizing education and empowerment for women and girls.

There is a new book titled "Half the Sky" by Nicolas Kristof and his wife Sheryl Wudunn that addresses the importance of empowering, educating, and investing in women as the only way to combat many social trafficking, AIDs, poverty, extremism, gender based violence, early marriage etc... It's on my list to read!

Marilyn said...

Thanks, and I just added the book to mine! I went to Amazon to check it out and OMG, scroll down here and read the Washington Post review:

Amarinthia said...

Its a nice review...but this part..."they chide American feminists for being more interested in Title IX sports programs and inappropriate office touching than the plight of their sisters in the developing world."

I am not sure thats very fair. Certainly women in industrialized countries could do lots more to increase awareness and support to women in the developing parts of the world, but it's all part of the same's all sexism, it's all oppression...just varying degrees.