Saturday, June 13, 2009

More Rome, Georgia health care stories . .

The new Women of W.O.R.T.H., Inc. women’s health care clinic opened in Rome a few months ago. I’m often asked why I banded together a group of supporters to start this clinic. This is why: I just checked our phone messages and a young woman left a message I could barely hear because she was crying. She needed an appointment for ‘testing.’ After I got her on the phone I tried to find out what testing she needed. She began crying again and in between sobs told me that she had been raped and was then treated for an STD at the health department. She now wants to be sure that she is cured, but the health department told her that testing would be “seventy-something” dollars. She told me that she has no money; for the full article entitled "Why did we open Women of W.O.R.T.H clinic? See -article at the bottom of page.

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